Reporters or Radio Stars?

12th Darlington Scouts – Reporters or Radio Stars?

The back end January and into February was a busy one for the 12th Scout Troop as they worked towards their Media and Marketing Relations Badge

First they were asked to list important people local to them, and after some thought came up with a list, taking that list on we invited the following

Richard Chambers (Darlington District Commissioner)

Joanne Hennessy (Durham Growth and Development Officer)

Jenny Chapman (MP For Darlington)

Andrew Stobart (Rev. at Elm Ridge Church)

Neil ( An Iron Man – Local to Darlington)

Now knowing the list of people they had to interview came the difficult bit of putting the questions together.

Should we ask Jenny Chapman what her favourite sandwich is?  or should we ask whats her take on Brexit ? Has our District Commissioner met Baden Powell? Does Joanne know what the Future of Scouting is for Darlington. What does the Rev. have for breakfast ? Does an Iron Man eat plenty of Spinach ? and most of all is it Cool ! having a  Son in Scouting ? all these questions and no answers.

The Scouts were put to work on their questions, and through painful thinking (it’s hard to think of questions you know? Were some comments form Scouts) a lot of sighing and gritted teeth we got our questions for our Guests.

The day came and the interrogation tables and lights were put out, I mean the Interview tables and chairs. Our guests arrived and Tea and Biscuits were provided to put the DC in a good mood. After a quick flag break the Grilling (Interviews) began.

The following are some of the Facts that the Scouts found out during the interviews

Richard Our District Commissioner &

Joanne Hennessey Growth & Development Officer

The Scouts at the 12th found out he was a Scout as a child and  is better at Map Reading and Orienteering than Pioneering, he likes to go Camping and really likes  Confido, and is yet to attend an International camp, and hasn’t met Bear Grylls yet. The most famous person he has met is Face from the A-Team. Apparently this answer got a stone face look from the Scouts, and our DC had to explain that “ If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.”

Joanne has only been in post for 3 months at time if interview, she was a Brownie as a young child, and her most embarrassing moment was Stuck in a Toilet ? (well that was a answer to a question), Joanne previously worked at Mowden Rugby Club, and likes Netball, Running and walking her dog.

Jenny Chapman MP for Darlington

Before Jenny was a MP she was a full time mum, and worked for a MP, when she was a Child girls couldnt join scoust. Jenny has met Teresa May, the part of the job she likes is meeting people, and wanted to be a journalist as a child. She also learnt the piano and this year will be taking part in the London Marathon in aid if Darlington Mind

Rev. Andrew Stobart

We found out our Rev. at Elm Ridge is related to Eddie Stobart the Truck owner. His favourite teaching is “Forgiveness”   and the best part of his job is meeting people, he did well at school and it takes 17 years to become a vicar.  He likes all types of music, Even likes Punk and Shed 7

Neil – Iron Man

Neil gets up at 5:40 to go swimming before going to work, he follows up with a routine of Running and Cycling, he’s entered many competitions and entered the IronMan competition in Hawaii, he likes many sports and as a child wanted to be a footballer.

There were many more questions and answers but to many to report on.

We even got a piece in the Northern Echo

Radio Stars ?

The 12th Followed this up with a visit to a local radio station where the recorded their interest in Scouting & some music.

If you have time follow this link and there will be 36 mins of Scouting Radio Adventure

Radio Clip of the 12th Darlington Scout Group

Above all the Scouts had a blast and earned their well deserved Badge

District Scouts Mechanics Badge Day

Saturday 13th January 2018 was a cold one and 58 Scouts and 15 leaders from the District ventured to Newton Aycliffe, to 102 Battalion REME; home of the Army’s Engineers in The North East. The aim of the day was for the scouts to attain their mechanics badge under the tutelage of the experts. So at 0900 off we went, split into 4 groups the Scouts and leaders went to learn about mechanical engineering. So what was on the menu?

The internal Combustion engine and how they suck-squeeze-bag-blow to generate the power to move things, primarily Army vehicles in this case. Part of this involved looking under the bonnet of an Army Landrover to see how to change the essentials Oils and Lubes and what to do if the lights go out! While all this wonderful engineering knowledge was on display I feel the sitting in the big vehicle cabs was the highlight; to see how to control all this power.

Differential systems on how all this power gets to the wheels. Great demonstration using a bicycle, with christmas lights, and two large
workshop brooms. Made everything much simpler

More hands on with couplings, or clutches.

The Gearbox was the final stand not only looked at how the gearing worked but a trip under a vehicle in the inspection pit demonstrated how it interfaces with the other major assemblies studied throughout the day. Also a short brief on how the vehicle was inspected was useful insight on how the Army keeps its equipment road legal.

Finally the highlight of the day was the written test! Or was it? Gladly everyone passed and attained, in the REME’s, view the required standard to pass the mechanics badge. Although they are still waiting to see if any scouts knows about Torque! Maybe need to twist a few arms!!

The final event of the day was the presentaton of badges and certificates by the REME Soldiers who led the day. The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Moore MBE, presented certificates and badges to 4 Scouts at the front of the main parade.

Well done Darlington District

Iain Clyde
ADC Scouts