The summer of 2018 is upon us, and as the sun is shining it’s time to take the plunge to the great outdoors.


But STOP wait a minute Darlington District are running a competition this summer. There’s prizes to be won, this competition is open to all sections and leaders.

From the 1st of May to the 31st of August 2018, we want you to take as many pho

tos of yourselves with your Scout Neckers on  and post it on social media.

You may be on Scout Camp or on holiday with your family. Pack you Scout Necker in your suitcase and when you’re by the pool or on the beach or by that famous land mark –  strike a pose and take the photo.

Then simply upload it to one of the following social media formats Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the posts need to be made public for us to be able to follow.

Each post requires the following

Group Name / section – where you are currently and what you’re up to  and #tag it #neckersontour #scouts


For example

25th Darlington Cubs – Airfield – guiding them in – #neckersontour #scouts


Most of all don’t forget your Necker and the hash tag #neckersontour as that will be how we will be filtering the photos of you when you’re out and about.

All photos posted on social media are done so with the permission of the person in the photo


Follow us on twitter @darlingtonscout and use the hash tag #neckersontour #scouts
Only public posts will be picked up on twitter


Follow us on Instagram @ darlingtondistrictscouts and we will follow you back, and again don’t forget the #neckersontour

This competition is only open to all current Scouters of the Darlington District, but we don’t mind if other Districts join in on the fun, on Twitter or Instagram. You never know it may catch on and the #neckersontour may go worldwide 😉

Important info regarding taking photos, we know and understand that to open any Social Media account, the minimum age is 13, therefore we expect those entering the competition under this age do so with the permission of their parents / carers and its their parents / carers that are posting the photos.

Because the photos posted to twitter and instagram  are on the public domain (WWW), they may be reposted by third parties, or used by 3rd party publications. By posting these photos on Social Media you acknowledge these terms.