Squirrel’s Invested

This week Durham County Commissioner Bryan Johnson Helped to invest the Squirrels at the 7th Sea Scout Group.

13 young people have joined the Scouting Family and are ready to make lots of new friends and amazing memories.

Squirrel’s are the youngest section of the Scouting Family

Volunteer Week 2021

This past week we have been meeting just some of our amazing leaders from around the towns Scout Groups and some of the District Team.

Without them Scouting wouldn’t be available to our young people here in Darlington. We have a great set of adult volunteers around the district not just those shown below.

We have a large waiting list for young people to join our many groups around town, but we still need more leaders, if you want to become a leader then email us @ info@darlingtonscouts.org.uk

If we can get enough leaders we may be able to open new groups to accommodate the young people in Darlington on our waiting lists.

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It was a no brainier that the leaders picked Camping 🏕 over Glamping but now on to the important bit, was it a Good Read or a Film, was the most popular crisp flavour yours?? answers below.

Meet The Team – Volunteers Week – Monday

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Scouting Volunteering teaching #SkillsForLife

Scouting Is nothing without Volunteers

Today is the last day of Volunteers week we have one final volunteer to meet. #VolunteersWeek2021 #DarlingtonScouts #ProudtoScout

Our Volunteer for Monday is ……

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Its Not All Glamorous you know

Name:- Richard

Current Scouting Position within the District

“Darlington District Commissioner“

How many years Scouting Service as a Volunteer have you ?


Were you in Scouts / Girlguides in your youth ?

“Beavers all the way to Scouts

What Other Scouting role have you held as a Volunteer ?

“Assistant Scout Leader at 22nd Darlington and Scout Leader at 19th Darlington“

Why did you Volunteer in Scouting?

“When I was in Scouts when I was younger, my Scout Leader was the coolest guy I knew. Always made it fun and exciting and I wanted to be able to do that too for the Young People”

Camping or Glamping


A Good Read or a Good Film

“Good Read”

What Flavour Crisps do you like ?

“Bacon “

Best thing about Volunteering in Scouting

“Seeing Young People develop new skills and being outdoors.”

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“Thank you Richard for volunteering in Scouting without you there wouldn’t be Scouting in Darlington”