One Night

Scouts Finally Get To Camp

The traffic lights have changed and camping is back on!

The 12th took the opportunity to do a short one night camp on the grounds at Elm Ridge (thanks to the church). For some of the scouts this was the first time they have camped for the others it was a chance to get some more nights away for their staged badge. We dusted the tents off, played the game of which bottle has gas in it and setup camp. First night was all about cooking and campfires.

The scouts made a mountain of bolognese, followed by campfire treats and a few wide games in the dark. Highlight of the night was the campfire song written by one of the scouts for their personal challenge badge. You’ll never hear “take me home” the same way again.

After eating our body weight in eggy bread, Saturday involved a #MillionHands activity making planters, followed by a multi-geocaching challenge to crack the hidden code. Scouts went home tired but happy and a few more Outdoor Challenge badges were completed. On to the next adventure.

All together……

Carmel Road, take me home
To the place where I belong

Darlington, Co Durham
Take me home, Carmel Road

Volunteer Week 2021

This past week we have been meeting just some of our amazing leaders from around the towns Scout Groups and some of the District Team.

Without them Scouting wouldn’t be available to our young people here in Darlington. We have a great set of adult volunteers around the district not just those shown below.

We have a large waiting list for young people to join our many groups around town, but we still need more leaders, if you want to become a leader then email us @

If we can get enough leaders we may be able to open new groups to accommodate the young people in Darlington on our waiting lists.

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It was a no brainier that the leaders picked Camping 🏕 over Glamping but now on to the important bit, was it a Good Read or a Film, was the most popular crisp flavour yours?? answers below.