This Is Us

My name’s Josh and along with a fellow leader (Mel), we’re from the 27th Scout Group in Darlington. Mel and I have recently set up a Scout Active Support Unit for the district with specific aims, objectives and activities – we are called the ’This is us’ group. Our active support unit was created specifically around inclusion (mainly LGBTQ+, but as an inclusion group may include a range of people with diverse backgrounds, disabilities and so on).

Among other things, we’re doing to some stakeholder engagement and marketing of our active support unit ahead of attending our first Pride event in Darlington (August). What we’re wanting to do at this stage is involve members of the district in our activities (leaders and young people), as such, we’d love to hear from anyone with expressions of interest in becoming involved.

What would be awesome to have at our pride stall are representations of how groups in our district celebrate pride and demonstrate inclusivity so we would love to speak with leaders and young people in the district to see what something like this could look like. We envisage more opportunities for involvement after the Pride event, so watch this space! Please feel free to either message me on Facebook or email me at

We look forward to hearing from you! Take care,

Josh and Mel
Darlington & District ‘This is us’ Group