District Challenge Hilke

The day arrived, the day of the District Challenge Hike Competition

This year’s Challenge Hike went all techy we were using the What 3 Words app to navigate to the checkpoints.

We setup our start point of ///drums.risk.museum and waited for or first team from the 13th Darlington Scout Group. We had 7 teams competing with 4 different scout groups from around the town.

7th Sea Scouts Darlington

12th Darlington Scout Group

13th Darlington Scout Group

27th Darlington Scout Group

The 27th being our most recently formed group in town.

A quick brief and the Scouts entered the hall for their first challenge 1st Aid. We had a total of 6 Challenges for the scouts to complete at different check points around town. Other checkpoints consisted of a “Tower of Cups”, “Just a Minute”, “Knot Just a Minute”, “Nails on the Block” and finally “The Floor is Lava”

A number of the groups came and went so we waited on the 7th Sea Scouts to turn up to the start, they had been camping the night before and were using the challenge hike as part of their weekend of Fun!

They came in their Mini Bus from camp and entered the car park with a bounce, as they all piled out of the bus there was a look of fun, cheekiness and enthusiasm on their faces unlike one of their leaders who I believe had had 22 minutes sleep the night before and it showed LOL. More briefings and of they went on their travels.

Finally the last group to go were the DC’s Favourites (12th Darlington Scout Group), we explained what was expected   of them for the day and of they went. They completed the 1st challenge with relative ease, walked out of the car park and took the wrong turning, 2 mins later they are passing the car park again on the correct track, there’s more to come from this group!!!! Later on in the report.

With that we started packing up to move onto the finishing post at South Park, South Park Bowling Club kindly offered their club house as the final checkpoint where the Scouts would finish, and have a chance of refreshments.

As the day progressed we were getting reports on the locations of the groups around town as they arrived and completed the challenges set before them.

It was a cold day and spending 7hrs standing in fields waiting for scouts started to take its toll on the leaders, being asked “are you still here” by dog walkers who had been around the park  in the morning to squirrel reporting “not the new sections may I add” and playing on the swings themselves.

Cold !!

The scout teams did really well at the checkpoints they were marked on Teamwork, Effort and Completion of the task. Well not all groups!

Squirrel spotting !

As groups were checked in and reported back to base as passing the checkpoints we noted that one group was late very late to their next checkpoint. A quick discussion between the leaders and it was agreed that we would investigate. It turned out that at the last checkpoint the DC Favourites had decided to have a spot of Luncheon and as they were in the park now …. During the middle of the hike they would play on the swings, slides and roundabouts!!!!! For an hour! 1 whole hour! Whilst hyperthermia was setting in with the leaders. We sent one of them to move them on, finally they arrived at check point 4 which just so happened to be run by their own Scout Leader and wait for it ………   the challenge was “Just a Minute” (You couldn’t write it !). 

Lesser Spotted DC’s Favourites

After a “Strong Motivational Talk” the DC Favourites were back on the road.

DC’s Favourite’s attempting to play catch-up

Groups were now rolling in at the Final Checkpoint in the South Park. First were the 13th followed by the first team from the 12th who had somehow leapfrogged the 27th but it didn’t take long and the 27th came round the corner some with smiles some without and just relief that it was over. The two teams from the 7th rocked up and took on the refreshments.

We still had two teams out in the field both from the 12th the Dammy Jodgers and the DC Favourites as the day was getting longer we called it for the DC Favourites they hadn’t reached check point 5 and if we let them finish the course we would have been into December.

We got notice that the Dammy Jodgers had finished the last Check Point and were heading our way at the finish.

What to do with the DC Favourites, A quick discussion between the leaders and the Bus of Shame was sent out to pick them up LOL.

The DC’s Favourites came in and had been tortured not only with a ride on the “Bus of Shame”  but had to endure the sound of Venga Boys  I like to party on loop all the way back to the South Park

In all we believe the Scouts enjoyed the day and that’s what counts, they hiked around town, did some challenges showed great teamwork and learnt #SkillsForLife .

Finally the winners with a total of 150 points were the Holly Walkermolies from the 27th Darlington Scout Group.

Well done guys!!!