Meet the Team – Volunteers Week – Tuesday

Scouting Volunteering teaching #SkillsForLife

Scouting Is nothing without Volunteers

As part of Volunteers week we will be meeting some of our leaders from around the Darlington District. #VolunteersWeek2021 #DarlingtonScouts #ProudtoScout

First up is …..

Name:- Angie

Current Scouting Position within the District

“Scout Leader 11th Darlington and Training Advisor “

How many years Scouting Service as a Volunteer have you ?


Were you in Scouts / Girlguides in your youth ?

“No “

What Other Scouting role have you held as a Volunteer

“Assistant Beaver Leader and Assistant Cub Leader at 11th Darlington “

Why did you Volunteer in Scouting?

“My son wanted to join Beavers 6 years ago but there were no spaces so he was added to a long waiting list. I was told if additional leaders were found, children from the waiting list would get a place, my son included. I had a think about it and decided to volunteer and here I am 6 years later. I’ve never looked back. It’s been a blast.”

Camping or Glamping


A Good Read or a Good Film

“Good Read”

What Flavour Crisps do you like ?

“Pickled onion “

Best thing about Volunteering in Scouting

“I have been able to take part in some fantastic activities whilst supporting the young people to learn new skills. These activities include camping, caving, climbing, hill walking, archery, in fact, the list is endless ! I’ve also met some truly amazing people along the way who have now become lifelong friends.”

“Thank you Angie for volunteering in Scouting without you there wouldn’t be Scouting in Darlington”