Meet The Team – Volunteers Week -Thursday

Scouting Volunteering teaching #SkillsForLife

Scouting Is nothing without Volunteers

As part of Volunteers week we will be meeting some of our leaders from around the Darlington District. #VolunteersWeek2021 #DarlingtonScouts #ProudtoScout

Our Volunteer for Thursday is ……

Name:- Richard

Current Scouting Position within the District

District Shop Manager, District Executive Member, Appointments Secretary, Group Scout Leader at the 7th Sea Scouts, Nights Away Advisor, Training Advisor, Deputy DC

How many years Scouting Service as a Volunteer have you ?

“20 +”

Were you in Scouts / Girlguides in your youth ?

“Cubs and Scouts“

What Other Scouting role have you held as a Volunteer ?

Group Chair 2nd Newcastle, Nights Away Advisor. Tynemouth District FLAGGS member“

Why did you Volunteer in Scouting?

“My group was about to close due to lack of adults. I had been in the group as a young person for years and could not let this happen! far to many memories to lose..”

Camping or Glamping


A Good Read or a Good Film

“Good Read”

What Flavour Crisps do you like ?

“Salt & Vinegar “

Best thing about Volunteering in Scouting

“The feeling of giving something back, slightly changing the world! making people smile 😉 😉 learning something new and being a memory maker for all our young people. And the camp breakfasts !”

“Thank you Richard for volunteering in Scouting without you there wouldn’t be Scouting in Darlington”