Meet The Team – Volunteers Week – Sunday

Scouting Volunteering teaching #SkillsForLife

Scouting Is nothing without Volunteers

As part of Volunteers week we will be meeting some of our leaders from around the Darlington District. #VolunteersWeek2021 #DarlingtonScouts #ProudtoScout

Our Volunteer for Sunday is ……

Name:-  Neil

Current Scouting Position within the District

“Group Scout Leader at the 12th Darlington Scout Group, ADC Media“

How many years Scouting Service as a Volunteer have you ?


Were you in Scouts / Girlguides in your youth ?

“Cubs and Scouts“

What Other Scouting role have you held as a Volunteer ?

“Assistant Beaver, Cub & Scout Leader“

Why did you Volunteer in Scouting?

“My Daughter wished to join Beavers, and I went along for moral support. After a few visits my Daughter wanted to say her Beaver Promise, and I believe I said my Scout Promise on the same night !!! ” as she did.

Camping or Glamping


A Good Read or a Good Film

“Good Film”

What Flavour Crisps do you like ?

“Salt & Vinegar “

Best thing about Volunteering in Scouting

“Having a great Scouting Experience as a child myself, I am now able to be part of a team that provide that Scouting Adventure to the future Scouting Young People.

Also being able to Visit Kandersteg (International Scout Centre) with my own children as Scouts something I did as a Scout 30+ years ago with my own Scout Troop

“Thank you Neil for volunteering in Scouting without you there wouldn’t be Scouting in Darlington”