March Youth Investment Update

Hi everyone, it’s Spring at last and it’s great to be out in the lighter nights with longer days.

This month has been very exciting indeed. Richard and I met with leaders at 9th Darlington, who have agreed to act as a host group to two new satellite sections. This means that children from Beaumont Hill Academy will be able to join the cubs and scouts. Leaders are already planning joint activities so that young people with additional and special needs are able to access Scouting indoors and outdoors alongside their new friends at 9th Darlington.

Taster sessions for the children are underway and the children’s excitement is building up to their investiture ceremony on 5th April at Harrowgate Hill. It has been so fantastic to witness the amazing amount of enthusiasm and positivity from the leaders to make this happen. Keep an eye out on social media for the latest photos, please follow me and share on Facebook and Twitter to get the news out as far as we can.

I recently met with Michael Low from Safe in Tees Valley. He coordinates the National Citizenship Service (NCS) work across Darlington, Middlesbrough and Stockton. The feedback from the young people in 2018 was so positive that Michael would like to repeat the A-frame racing activity that Joanne Hennessey, Ben Laidler and lots of District and County volunteers organised for the young people to give them a taste of Scouting. If you are able to volunteer at Moor House to come along and help with some sessions this year it would be great to have you! Please get in touch with me 07966 186 467.

The dates for your diary are:

Tuesday 9th July –2 volunteers

Saturday 13th July –4 volunteers

Tuesday 30th July –4 volunteers

Tuesday 6th August –4 volunteers

Saturday 10th August –1 volunteer

I will be able to confirm the times at a later date.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll be back with another update next month.


Growth and Development Office